Mexborough 64  Denaby Main 93 for 6 – Last Meet Four Years Ago

May 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 11, 1888

Mexborough 64                                Denaby Main 93 for 6

Beresford 23; Smith 8 wkts                          Ross 27*, Smith 34

for the first time for nearly 4 years these clubs met at Denaby Main on Saturday afternoon. Mexborough won the toss and elected to bat. They rang up the respectable total of 64, out of which Nicholson contributed 14 and Beresford 23. Both are good innings, and singly enough each batsmen was stumped at the wicket in a manner which leaves no room for doubt that in Palmer Denaby have a good man.

Things look very promising for Mexborough when Nicholson bowled Beardsley with the first ball and the innings, and four other wickets were down for 12, but on the association of Smith and Ross a different complexion was put on the game. Smith and an appeal for LBW from Nicholson answered in his favour the first ball he received; the two batsmen then settled down and collared the bowling completely. Three changes were tried, but all to no purpose, and it was not until the score was run up to 61 that Smith’s wicket fell to an easy catch at point. The game was settled soon afterwards.

When time was called Denaby had still four wickets to fall, and were 29 runs to the good.