Midland League March Goes on.

January 1937

Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 22nd 1937

The Midland League March Goes on.

They must get almost dizzy at Frickley trying to keep track of new forwards they have had out in an endeavour to snatch a few goals this season. A fortnight ago nothing came of a new centre-forward experiment; last week they lost again to Newark, (after promising something better). That second victory is very elusive.

Unfortunately I was down with flu last week otherwise I meant to give Denaby a well deserved pat on the back for their victory against Chesterfield.

Belated – here it is. It almost inspired me with a little spark of confidence for the game on Saturday – but no – down again. It was a pity. The game against Chesterfield never reached great heights, but the victory was convincing enough. We don’t mind forgoing a little of the pretty-pretty stuff if we gather a few points.

In a different sphere is Arthur Blessed the Birdwell Rovers’ centre-forward-but he’s scoring goals. He has a splendid little ‘bag’ this season. He passed the 40 mark some time ago.