Midland League Results – January 16th, 1922

16 January 1922

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Monday, January 16, 1922

Midland League.

A Thrilling Games at Denaby and Scunthorpe

Flood of Goals

the Wednesday Reserves found Denaby at their strongest, and only good goalkeeping by Birch prevented the United from scoring more often than they did.

The game produced eight goals, and of these five were scored by Denaby.

Although the going was bad–a couple of inches of snow making it very difficult to pass or judge the flight of the ball accurately — the pace of the game was fast and the shooting of both sets of forwards exceedingly good. The Wednesday opened the stating through Prior, but the home forwards before the interval scored thrice, twice through Burkinshaw and once through Ba!lance. The first of their goals came from a penalty kick, awarded against Bellas for doubtful tackling. The second half was one continuous thrill. Two quick goals through Burton and Wright brought the scores level, and then there was a Homeric struggle for the full spoils. With about 10 minutes to go, Hamilton put the United ahead from a corner. A second flag kick followed a few minutes later, and Ashton, receiving the ball about 20 yards out, scored the finest goal of the match, with an offer volley shot which took Birch and everybody else except the scorer completely by surprise. It was one of the finest kicks seen on the Denaby Ground this season, and Ashton was almost mobbed by his fellow players.

There was little to choose between the teams. The Wednesday were not quite full strength, while Denaby had the assistance of Leslie Hofton, the ex Manchester United full-back, and Ekins, the ex-Doncaster Rovers goalkeeper.

The Boston-Mexborough meeting, which brought about 2,000 spectators on to the Boston ground, resulted in a 3-1 win for the visitors. In the first half Mexborough scored through Walker, although Boston had the better of the play. No goals were registered in the first 20 minutes of the second half, but after that. Waterfield increased the Mexborough lead, then Taylor, a visiting back, in attempting to clear a hard drive from Manning, put through his own goal. Ten minutes from time Walker added a third for the visitors. Boston pressed fruitlessly after that.

On a scow-covered ground and under very unpleasant conditions, the meeting of Mansfield Town and Wombwell did not attract a very large attendance. The visitors played good football, and, but for two flagrant offences by the defence, might have got away with a point. As it was, the two penalties awarded were converted by Staniforth orth, who did the ” hat trick.” Foster, the Mansfield centre, also obtained one for the home side, and Moyser opened the visitors’ account, and a second point was also rushed. Mansfield quite deserved their 4-2 win, if it was only for the excellent forward play of Sheldon and Foster.

Rotherham Town, owing to a heavy casualty list, were not strongly represented at Lincoln, and they were beaten 2-0 by the City reserves. That the Yorkshireman were not beaten by a bigger margin was due to the fine goalkeeping of Roebuck, and good defensive work generally, for the home players were very thrust fault, and were for the most part operating in the Rotherham off. It was not until 20 minutes of the second half was gone, however, that Lincoln were able to score. Lishman at set in a corner kick from Hall, and heading the ball through the posts and the net also. Some of the visitors claimed that the ball had never entered the goal, but the referee, having examined the rent and consulted a linesman, a judge that it had. The other goal was scored by Lemons.

Wath were full value for their 2-1 victory over Worksop at Wath. For the first 20 minutes of the game play was in the home half, during which Richardson scored for Worksop, a penalty for “hands.” When, however the Athletic suited their tactics to the conditions, they rapidly assume the upper hand, and for the rest of the game with a better side. Shortly after the interval Wroe scored the equaliser, for Prior to put the home team ahead a few minutes later. Towards the close both goals and lucky escapes, but the whistle went with no further score.

Seventh Successive Win.

Scunthorpe United made history on Saturday by registering their seventh successive win, and, at the same time. giving the most brilliant display since they were admitted to the Midland League in 1912.

Their performance was the more remarkable bemuse of the absence of two men, Whittingham and Duke, who have been  given a areal deal of credit for the team ‘e ‘achievements during the past few weeks, and became they were up against the prospective champions, Grimsby Town Reserve.

The Grimsby side included, in addition to such players as Albert Smith, Raby, Talks, Coupland, and the two millers (H.and J.), two who have been selected to represent Lincolnshire against Norfolk at King’s Lynn on January 25, Harrison (goalkeeper) and Phillipson (inside right) stop

Hanson was in no way responsible for his side’s humiliating defeat, but on the contrary, strange as it may seem, he was best man Lindsay had, some of his saves been exceptionally clever.

Scunthorpe excelled in a match that was an excellent testimony to Trainer White, for they revelled in the snow-covered ground, and were just as determined in the closing stages as at the start. Four goals were scored the first of, and two in the second, the scorers being Maycock (2), Whitham, Meredith, Lloyd and Chambers.

It is a long time since conditions prevailed similarly to those under which Gainsborough Trinity and Notts County fought out their match on the Northholme. There were three or 4 inches of snow on the ground and the going was heavy and treacherous. Trinity, who had a full side available once more, were a nippy and smart side, and dominated the game from beginning to end. The score 3-0 in their favour no more than represented their superiority. The Notts forwards did better in the second half, particularly their outside left, Gough, and, although they came twice near to scoring, the defence, as a rule, held them safe

Denton the Trinity centre half, was the outstanding figure of the match. The display gave under such difficult conditions were positively superb, and the defenders played a fine game. Talbot and Shearman were always busy and always dangerous. Trinity’s goals were scored by Buttery, Talbot and Denton

Hull City’s Strong Team.

Hull City Reserves played a strong side against Castleford Town at Anlaby Road and won 4 – 1. Brandon, one of the first team full barks, and McKinney, the Irish international, were included in the winning team. Hudspeth, who has proved a most resourceful centre-forward, performed the ” hat, trick,” a fourth goal being registered to the City by Stansfield, their new outside left, who had been transferred from Castleford at, a fee of £450. Tillotson scored Castleford’s goal from a penalty award. The attendance was the largest seen at a Midland League game at Hull.