Military Drill For Rifle Clubs – Colonel Mitchell Inspects Marksmen (picture)

November 1907

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 25 November 1907

Military Drill For Rifle Clubs.
Colonel Mitchell Inspects Denaby Marksmen.

THE Denaby and District Rifle Club inspection took place at Conisboro’ on Saturday afternoon last. The inspecting officer was Col. T. W. H. Mitchell, of Wath, Sir John Bingham, Bart., and Mr. W. H. Chambers, managing director of the Denaby Main Colliery and President of the Denaby Rifle Club, were also present.

Mr. P. W. Maugham represented the Sheffield and District Rifle Association, under whose auspices the inspections are being held. There were 52 members on parade, and 86 members bad signed the declaration to Sir John Bingham showing their willingness to undertake home defence in case of invasion. The members

The Club Inspection.

The parade showed themselves well up in the drills, and went through the several evolutions very creditably. The inspection concluded, Colonel Mitchell said the members had certainly gone through the work in a very smart manner, and, considering they had been under drill for short a time, reflected goat credit on those who had instructed them. These drills would do great deal of good in making the men smart, and put them under proper discipline. Loss of discipline was what England was suffering from, and rifle clubs were doing good by leading the way.

Sir John Bingham then addressed the men, and expressed his thanks to Colonel Mitchell for the inspection and for the favourable report had given. For himself, he was always glad to what could to help rifle clubs, and was very pleased they had taken the drill as they had, and fallen with his idea. He felt sure they were doing the right thing in making themselves efficient in rifleshooting, for Lord Roberts had told them that shooting was eight-tenths of the soldier.

In case of need, added Sir John Bingham, rifle clubs would be valuable body of men ready trained in the use of the rifle, and able to shoot straight.

Mr. Chambers, on behalf of the officers and men of the club, thanked Sir John Bingham and Colonel Mitchell for their presence and assistance, and expressed his pleasure in hearing Colonel Mitchell’s appreciation of the members’ efforts.