Military Medallist Fined £5 for Betting.

November 1921

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 9 November 1921

Military Medallist Fined £5 for Betting.

Harry, Wrigley, bookmaker, of Conisborough  pleaded ” Guilty ” before the Doncaster West, Riding Magistrates, yesterday, to keeping a betting house, and Mary Wrigley, his wife, to assisting in the offence.

It was stated that a raid was made on the defendants’ premises on October 15th, .and a large number of betting slips were found, and also £81 in money.

Mr F. Allen, in defence, pleaded for leniency. He said that the male defendant had been wounded in the war and was unable to do any but light work. He had gained the Military Medal for his services. He asked for the wife to be bound ‘over.

The Chairman said that he had to deal with the law as it stood and fined the male defendant £50 and his wife £5.