Milk Dearer In Denaby Than In London    

November 1921

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 18 November 1921

Milk Dearer In Denaby Than In London    

Dr. J. MacArthur. Medical Officer of Health t the Conisborough Urban Council, stated at the meeting of that authority last night, that the prohibitive price of milk in the district was making it impossible for some mothers to satisfy the needs of their young children.
The price charged in Denaby way higher than the price in London, and was altogether unreasonable and unjustifiable. The remedy was in the hands of the local authority. They should, he said, purchase bulk supplies from the districts where it was comparatively cheap, and direct the retailing of it, themselves.

Mr. A. E. Berry, a member of the Council and a local retailer of milk, said that he had. often protested against the high price of milk to the local farmers, and himself was convinced that the wholesale prices of milk in the district were altogether unjustifiable.

No action was taken.