Millk Supply

May 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 17, 1935

Millk Supply

The annual report of Mr W.W Norwood under the Milk and Dairies Order, 1926, shows that quarterly inspections of cows, sheds, dairies, dairy men, retailers, and shops and band supplying pasteurised milk were made to stop the urban district there are only three producers with 53 gallons from 33 cows, while 303 gallons sold daily from outside.

With the exception of two, all the cows were found to be sound and healthy. One of the cows was found to be suffering from an abscess and was soon better, but was found to be suffering from tuberculosis and was destroyed.

There are 20 retail purveyors in the urban district with a total daily supply of 314 gallons, this being a great decrease. The reason for this is the increased sale of bottled milk and the supply to schools. There are five also purveyors of pasteurised bottled milk, their habits still being 1528 pints daily.

The inspector maintains that good milk direct from the cow is best and adds that he is gratified that the daily supply of milk and up to 1 pint for every 3.19 person as against one every 3.80 persons last year.