Mine Offences – Control of Ponies

February 1915

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 27, 1915

Mine Offences

Mr Frank Allen appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery’s Ltd., In charges against their workmen for breaches in the Mines Act.

The first case was that in which George William Swift, Pony driver, Denaby was summoned for failing to keep control of his pony. He was driving the pony down an incline, and by is neglect allow the tubs to overrun the pony, the result that it was so severely injured that one could put ones hand in the wound.

Defendant pleaded guilty and after hearing the evidence of Mr Stacey after the condition of the pony the Bench impose a fine of 10 shillings and the costs are in default 10 days.

James Mellors was charged with failing to return his horse stable after it had finished work. According to Mr Alan defendant simply turn the awesome loose to fine its own way home at the end of the shift.

Penalty 30 shillings inclusive.

Joseph Jones was summoned for an offence similar to that outlined in the first case. In this instance the terms or run the pony knock it down and breaking its thigh, so that it had to be destroyed. The value of the horse was £12.

Mr Allen intimated that no further claim would be made against defendant, who was fined 40 shillings inclusive, or 14 days.

Cecil Lindley was ordered to pay 12 shillings costs for walking on a haulage road during prohibited hours when the mechanism was in motion.