Miner and Drink – Conisborough Man Sent to Prison

January 1916

Sheffield Telegraph 11 January 1916

Miner and Drink
Conisborough Man Sent to Prison

Charles Oldfield, miner, Conisborough, was charged at Doncaster today was having been drunk and disorderly on Saturday night, had 19 previous convictions against him.

He was creating a disturbance in the street, and was allowed to go home.

Then at 10 o’clock at night he turned his wife and children into the street, and the police locked him up.

The Chairman (Mr Hodgson) said not only were the 19 convictions against him, but when he was before them on September 14 he was told that if he came again he would be sent to prison. He had been up five times within a year.

Defendant said he had been working hard all the week, and on Saturday got some drink, which took effect upon him.

The magistrates committed him to prison for 14 days