Miner Goes on the Stage and Then To Gaol.

January 1921

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 15 January 1921

Miner Goes on the Stage and Then To Gaol.

Wilfred Wall, formerly a miner at Denaby, and recently appearing in a pantomime at Mexborough, was brought up at Doncaster yesterday charged with owing £13 17s. towards the maintenance of his wife, an order having been made on him on August 28th, 1917, to contribute 20s. a week.

He was further charged with leaving his child, Sidney, chargeable to the Union. His two children were left at Denaby until January, 1919. Then he took one child away, the other being taken to the Workhouse in April last year, and the cost of maintenance was estimated at £63 5s.

Prisoner said that he did not know the child was in the Workhouse until Christmas, as he had left it with his sister.

He was remanded until today on the first charge, and committed to prison for two months for neglecting his child.