Miners Have Saved Well – Creditable Response at Conisbrough

July 1946

South Yorkshire Times, July 20th, 1946

Miners Have Saved Well.
Creditable Response at Conisbrough.

If Conisbrough are to reach their target of £80,000 for the Chanellor’s challenge they will have to double their present weekly savings figure, said Mr. B. Dabbs, secretary, at Friday’s meeting of Conisbrough Savings Committee.

Mr. Dabbs said Conisbrough would have to save some £1,700 per week for the next 39 weeks if the target was to be attained.

Speaking of the request of the Savings Commissioner that the town should have a street groups savings drive, Mr. Dabbs said average membership of savings groups in the constituency was 16.4 per cent. It was Conisbrough’s 30 per cent. It was up to other districts to hold drives to reach Conisbrough’s figure.

Coun. D. Sheldon said the mining community had always been looked down on as low savers. Referring to the figures for the district, he said it proved quite definitely that the mining fraternity were better in that district than any other in the country. ‘The miners in this area have done their share, and done it remarkably well,’ Coun. Sheldon remarked.

Mr. I. K. Hetherington was appointed chairman of the Committee in succession to Miss G. E. Packwood, chairman for the past two years.

The Committee decided to place on record the work done by Miss Packwood as chairman, and several members paid tributes to her.