Miners Meeting At Denaby – Organising the Workers

June 1907

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 15, 1907

Miners Meeting At Denaby
Organising the Workers.

On Thursday, at the Reresby Arms, Denaby Main, an organising meeting, held under the auspices of the local branches of the Yorkshire Miners Association, took place, the large clubroom, being fairly well filled. In addition to the local officials, there were present Mr John Dixon, financial secretary, Barnsley. And Mr John Hosking, treasurer Rawmarsh, of the Yorkshire Miners Association.

The speeches delivered were of a typical character in accordance with their organising objects of the meeting.

Reference was made by the two gentlemen named to the great strides made by the Association, there being but few places not organised. Denaby and Cadeby appeared to be one of the darkest spots there was, and the Association had decided to do its utmost to put the two branches in a strong position enjoyed prior to the lamentable strike of 1902.

The society had a membership of something like 75,000, while only about 10,000 ordinary workers in the pits of the country were outside the union. (Applause) They urged all non-unionists employed in collieries to join the Association at once. They were glad to see that steady progress was being made at Denaby and Cadeby, there being at the present time somewhat about 900 workers on the books. (Applause) Regarding the trouble existing at the Frickley colliery, negotiations were in progress between the Association officials and the chairman of the company, and a meeting would take place on Thursday next, when it was to be hoped that a satisfactory termination would result.

A very encouraging feature of the society’s work was that its membership at the present time was higher than at any time in its history, and that it income was more than its expenditure. (Applause) Some time ago a conference was convened when all districts in the Federation attended with a view of raising the standard of wages of the 1879 and 1888 basis to meet the present wages the standard rate in the wages agreement.

A further conference on the same question will be held on Wednesday. The 19th inst. when they hope that the district would have given their full consideration to the matter so that the owners could be approached with a view of the establishment of the same. Reference was also made by the speakers to the amended compensation act, which comes into operation in July 1, and under whose skill pay large number of the workers will come. The Yorkshire miners Association to members of Parliament were doing good work in the house, having laboured most insidiously in connection with the compensation and other bills, in which the workers interests were involved. In conclusion appeals were made to those outside the Association to become members, and the resolution was heartily passed.