Miners Tighten Belts While Pit Boys Frolic

13 August 1937

Sheffield Independent – Friday 13 August 1937

Miners Tighten Belts While Pit Boys Frolic

Miners thrown out of work by pit boy strikers are beginning seriously to feel the pinch of their loss in wages.

At Denaby and Conisborough, 2000 miners have lost 11 days’ work in the last three weeks, and the loss in wages is computed at £7,600.

Meanwhile, enjoying the summer weather, the strikers at Denaby and Conisborough are spending a good deal of their time swimming, while big camps have also been set up.

Many miners have have been forced to cancel their holiday plans.

Lost of spending power also having its effect on tradesmen. “Unless some solutions found soon, some of whose tradespeople are going to have a rough time,”” said a representative.