Miners Unable to Obtain Own Supply in Coal Problem

March 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 23 March 1931

Coal Problem.

Miners Unable to Obtain Own Supply.

The Coal Mines Act is responsible for a peculiar situation in Conisboro’ and Denaby. Miners who are entitled to a ton of coal per month as part of their wages are unable to obtain the coal.

On Friday 240 men employed at the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries, who have, of course, paid for their coal, awaited delivery. By Saturday morning the number was 390. The lorries went there for delivery but there was no coal to be found in the sidings.

Mr Tom Hill, President of the Home Coal Committee, went to interview the management but they could not supply the call which they have not yet got out of the pit.

In fact it is understood that they are 50 per cent in arrears on their current contract with deliveries. There is no chance of any coal until mid-week as the pits do not re-start until then.

In the meantime the mines will have to buy coal from the dealers.