Miners Unsuccessful Claims

January 1908

Sheffield Independent – Friday 24 January 1908

Compensation Cases

Miners Unsuccessful Claims

Yesterday, at the Doncaster County Court , his Honour Judge Allen decided two cases under the Workmen’s Compensation Act, in which the Denaby and Main Collieries Company Limited, were the respondents.

In the first case Thomas Bowen, of 67 Loversall street. New Conisbro’ applied for respect of accident which was sustained in the  mine August 26th 1907. He was filling a corf when his right thumb was crushed, and part was afterwards amputated. He contended that there would be permanent partial incapacity. His earnings before the accident were 18s 10d per week, and he claimed 9s, 5d- per week from October 7th 1907, when the compensation allowance »u stopped.

The respondents urged that since the accident the applicant had been able to earn not less than his average weekly earnings before he was injured, and they denied all further liability.

Judgment was entered in favour of the respondents.

A similar application was made Lester Whitworth, 41. Schofield Street. Mexbro’, pony driver

On November 3rd. 1906 while following his employment in the Denaby mine, his right leg was broken, the pony knocking him down and the tubs running over him. He alleged that he would be permanently incapacitated.

The company submitted that the applicant’s injury was attributable to the serious and wilful misconduct of himself. The evidence showed that the applicant without receiving proper authority, changed levels with another pony driver, and the second level being of a dangerous character to one who was inexperienced, he sustained the injury mentioned.

The application was refused.