Miner’s Violent Conduct – Constable Kicked

June 1912

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 26 June 1912

Constable Kicked.

Miner’s Violent Conduct

William Gough, a miner, of Denaby, was charged at Doncaster, yesterday, with assaulting police constable Shuker on Saturday night.

The officer said whilst in Doncaster Read, about prisoner passed him and made use of an abusive remark, saying, “Now then, you black —— .” Witness told him he would report him and turned round to go up the street, whereupon prisoner struck him a violent blow side of the face, knocking him down, and whilst on the ground he received a kick in the stomach and on the left side of the face and on the body. He remembered nothing more.

On Sunday night prisoner surrendered himself to police constable Ingleby at Mexborough, and said “You want me for assaulting police constable showcased yesterday.”

The officer took into the office, and there prisoner, when charged, said, “it’s quite right. I don’t know what made me do it, but I’ve been so much annoyed and he had brought me so many summonses for nothing, and one thing and another I lost my temper and I struck it. I am sorry now. I thought I would get it done with.”

Defendant denied that he kicked the officer, but admitted assaulting him.

The chairman (Mr Watson) said it was a most unprovoked assault, and committed prisoner one month.