Miners Wages – Firm Attitude of The Men – Pits Set Down

October 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 26, 1888

Miners Wages
Firm Attitude of The Men
Concessions by Local Owners
Derbyshire Proprietors Concede the Demand
Pits Set Down

Wednesday and Thursday were days of great importance, the men employed at most of the large collieries in South Yorkshire having, in accordance with the resolutions come to at the Manchester Conference, brought out their tools and set down the pits where the owners did not concede the advance. Although advances have been given at 10 collieries, that you take by many of the large coal owners in South Yorkshire shows that a serious conflict, if short duration, has been commenced.

It is estimated that, according to advices received previously, about 50,000 men of all kinds would be idle in the country last night.

Denaby Main

A crowded meeting of the Denaby Main miners was held on Tuesday night at the branch Room, Doncaster Road. The meeting was convened for the purpose of ascertaining whether the miners were as unanimous in their demand for the 10% advance as they were when the notices were given in.

A miner was voted to the chair.

He referred to the resolutions they have previously passed, endorsing the resolutions of the Manchester and Barnsley conferences. He referred to the advances that have been conceded in Lancashire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire and lastly the advance had already been considered by several of the colliery owners of their own district. The circular issued by the officials of the Yorkshire Miners Association was well received. Reference was also made to the intervention of the mayor of Sheffield in this crisis. The resolutions of the Manchester and Barnsley Conferences was then submitted and unanimously passed.

Wombwell Main Miners

A crowded meeting of the miners employed at the Wombwell Main Colliery was held at the Sir George’s Arms, Wombwell Main, on Wednesday evening.

The chairman of the lodge presided and after few remarks respecting the deputation who met with their employers, Mr Bartholomew of London asked everyone present to state his opinion, as they did not want anyone to be led astray by their arguments, but believed that if they would show a determination to stand to the resolutions passed at the Manchester and Barnsley conferences, they would in the long run receive the advance which they were now looking for.

A miner moved that they go with the district in the fire, and that they bring out their tools on Wednesday should the advance of 10% not be conceded.

The motion was put in carried unanimously.

Land sale at Wombwell Main was stopped on Tuesday.

Manvers and Wath Main.

At the Manvers Main colliery extensive preparations are being made for Stephen the ponies, which it is intended to withdraw from the pit next week unless the notice of withdrawn and the sliding scale data.

It is not thought that the Wath Main miners will cease work, experiencing the past having been that they have been about the first to get any advance applied for.

Mitchell’s Main Miners

A meeting of the miners employed at the Mitchell Main Colliery was held at their lodge room at the George Hotel, Wombwell, on Tuesday evening for the purpose of testing the feeling of the men.

A miner moved “That it is the opinion of this meeting that we are entitled to the advanced asked for, that we bring out our tools on Wednesday, should we not get the advance.”

The motion was carried without a dissent.

Houghton Main

On Wednesday a largely attended meeting of men employed at this Colliery was held.

Mr George Gelder presided and urged the men to stand firm, remarking that if they remain true theirs will be the victory.

It was resolved: “That this meeting unanimously resolved to bring our tools to the pit bank at expiration of our notices if the 10% is not considered by Wednesday next.”