Miners’ Wages – Top Men at Denaby

August 1889

Sheffield Independent – Monday 19 August 1889

Miners’ Wages.

Top Men at Denaby

The wages agitation of the surface men, which commenced about two months ago at Denaby Main Colliery and other large collieries in the neighbourhood has greatly increased the rolls of the local branches of the Yorkshire Miners’ Association.

It will be remembered that when the colliery owners of the district granted the two 5 per cents, to the miners, viz., 5 in July and 5 in October, no mention was made by the miners’ representatives as to the wages of the surface men, inasmuch as that not 1 per cent, of them were members of their association. This seemed to arouse them to a sense of their duty.

Various meetings having since been held, with the result that many have enrolled themselves in the Miners’ Union so that they may share in the improved trade.

Upwards of 100 at Denaby Main already wear the union badge the same as the miners.