Mining Breaches of Rules

September 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 02 September 1892

Mining Breaches of Rules

Richard Gregory, a miner, was summoned by the Denaby Colliery Company (represented by Mr. Hickmott) for a breach of special rule 66 of the Coal Mines Regulation Acts by neglecting to fix a backstay or drag behind a train of corves, travelling along an incline at Denaby Main Colliery on the 18th inst.

He pleaded guilty.

Giles Schofield, a deputy, stated that he saw defendant driving a train along au incline of 1 in 10, without backstay or drag. On speaking to defendant about the matter he said he had a drag on at the start and must have dropped it on the way. Witness examined the road, but could find no drag.

Defendant had worked at Denaby Main Colliery about 3 years, and knew when he was committing a contravention of the Mines Regulation Acts. He had been cautioned about similar offences before. The practice of which defendant was guilty was very dangerous to the men not working, and should be stopped.

Defendant had nothing to say in extenuation of the offence, and was ordered to pay a fine of 20s. including costs, or to go to the house of correction for 16 days.