Mining Offences

May 1912

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 20 May 1912

Mining Offences

Charles Goodwin, a Denaby collier, was fined 40s. Doncaster on Saturday for neglecting to draw timber in a proper way, thus endangering the safety of part of the pit.

Charles Henry Vissey, dataller, Mexbro’, for riding on a tub in the mine contrary to rule, was fined 10s. and 13s. 6d. costs. He was going down an incline 1 in 12, 10 men being at work at the bottom.

Joseph Steel, pony driver, Denaby, for driving corves up an incline of 1 in 12 without having drags on the tubs was fined 20s. and 13s. 6d. costs, having been previously convicted. A witness said that the defendant must have made several trips, and his neglect was due to laziness.