Minney Moor Close

February 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 February 1932

Minney Moor Close

We took an opportunity of visiting the houses in Minney Moor Close, Conisborough, which are being built by Mr. J. Worsley White. We were accompanied by a wellknown builder, who is a pastmaster in modern building economics, and he said there had certainly been no “skimping” or false economy in the elevation and general layout of the houses.

He particularly called our attention to the uninterrupted views from the windows. Inside we were struck by the convenient planning and the spaciousness of the looms. On the upper storey we noticed the separate bathroom and a refinement which might well be copied by architects of dwellings medium size. The stoves were in excellent taste, and sunken electric switches to the main rooms could not offend the most critical eye.

We found that “Buy British” was being practically applied, and that only local labour is employed. Such an enterprise should have all support. Probably the purchase of a house in this position is one of the few real bargains available at present. The houses are all detached, with adequate space for garages. The gardens are to be beautifully laid out.