Miraculous Escape – Denaby Pugilist Falls from a Train

November 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 05 November 1910

Miraculous Escape.

Denaby Pugilist Falls from a Train

On Saturday at midnight, a Denaby man found on the railway near the Nine Arch Bridge at Doncaster. He was in a semiconscious state and was badly injured, his left arm being shockingly mutilated, and his scalp being cut. He was discovered by two railwaymen and was taken to the Infirmary. He was able to walk from the station to the institution, but was in a very weak and exhausted condition when he arrived there. It was necessary to amputate the arm just below the shoulder.

When he had recovered sufficiently, he stated that his name was Patrick Culkenn, that he was a miner, 23 years, old, and lived at 79 Balby Street, Denaby. He had an indistinct notion of what occurred. He declared that he took a ticket from Doncaster to Denaby, and had fallen out of the train. No ticket was found upon him.

It seems probable, from the man’s injuries, that he was knocked down by train and afterwards attempted to get away, as there were marks of blood for some distance from the spot where he was found.

Culkenn as the reputation of being a Andes well known in the district.