“Missionary Work” in Explosives

May 1890

Leeds Mercury – Friday 23 May 1890

“Missionary Work” in Explosives

Viscount Bury, presiding on Wednesday at the ordinary general meeting of the Flameless Explosives Company, reported that the works were making satisfactory progress, and that the merits of “Securite,” in the manufacture of which the company was engaged at Denaby, Yorkshire, were now very generally recognised, so that he anticipated that in a short time there would be profits available for dividend. Although of greater power, “Securite” was able to compete with gunpowder .in the matter of price.

As a rule miners employed what explosives they liked, and hence there was involved a “kind of missionary” work among the miners themselves, rendered necessary in order to make them acquainted with the merits of the explosion.

Mr. P. R. Pigou seconded the motion for the adoption of the report, which was unanimously adopted.