Momentous Week End.

April 1912

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 09 April 1912

 Momentous Week End.

Nor did the week-end pass without doubts and fears. Relief was general when it became known that the Miners’ Conference had declared the strike end, but that, relief was hardly strengthened by the attitude of the local miners themselves, who no secret of their dissatisfaction at the way events had shaped themselves. To put it plainly and without varnish, the majority the colliers of this district, while ready to return to work from an individual point of view, were not collectively pleased with the leadership of their head officials. One can only hope that the situation will rapidly improve.

At the time of writing (Monday) one hears of resolutions being passed keep calm and play on, but it is hoped that the weighty necessities of the moment will have the effect of changing the current of adverse feeling, and that before the present week is out all the collieries of the neighbourhood will be re-opened for work. The local relief committees have done splendid service during the darkest days of the stoppage but even they have almost to the end of their tether, for the public purse will not be opened so readily now that the strike is officially declared finished. The miners’ leaders at Barnslev, abused as they have been, must be credited with good intentions in difficult time, and they may be trusted to look after the miners’ interests when tho District Boards get work.

Locally, Denaby and Cadeby men were the first to sign on in large numbers, and it is expected that their example will be generally followed the course of the next few days. To Denaby belongs the distinction of being the first local pit to draw coal. That happy turn of events was consummated yesterday morning, when the sight of black faces once again was very welcome indeed.