Monk Bretton 0  Denaby  8

19 February 1889

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 19 February 1889

Monk Bretton 0  Denaby  8

Played at Monk Bretton on Saturday, on a very soft ground and good wind prevailing daring the best part of the game.

The visitors winning the toss, went with the wind. The ball being put off, it passsd on to Cooper, one on the visitors, and he made the goal, which he nicely secured.

The ball being in motion again. Law crossed to Hill when the visitors back put in long kick, giving Cooper another privilege at the home goal, which he took for the second time.

Hill now played the leather straight up the centre, when fell into the opponents’ back, and attempt was made by the visitors and was near scoring, had not the goalkeeper put over the top, this getting the visitors corner. Cooper, kicking from the corner, let ball into the goalkeeper’s hands, when both he and ball were put through.

Hill sent the leather away and played rather low, when the wind blew the ball out of play. After being thrown Wilkinson put the ball out, crediting the visitors with another corner. Call kicked in corner and a scrimmage took place in the goal mouth, and eventually the ball, was put through Cooper, who had been showing very active play. Two more goals were got pretty quick succession by the visitors, the wind greatly facilitating their play, when half-time was called.

On change of territories the wind had by this time somewhat subsided, and on the ball being set rolling it was put to Thompson, who crossed into the centre, when the visitors’ back fouled the ball, l Hill kicking off to Thompson, who put the ball through, but this was disallowed on account of the ball being on roll when it was kicked off.

Play was now standstill for some minutes and the visitors were not long in getting two more goals added to their number.

The rest of the game was composed of scrimmages, play being mainly in favour of the visitors, who had brought a fine team with them. It was noticeable that Monk Bretton were playing minus some their best men, they having gone to assist in another match, and this caused the play to be so one-sided.

When the time had expired stood Denaby 8 goals to Monk Bretton nil