Monk Bretton 106 for 6 Denaby 105

May 1909

Star Green ‘un – Saturday 22 May 1909

Denaby Disappointing.

Monk Bretton 106 for 6 Denaby 105

“The finest side ever got together Denaby.”

Such was the information gathered from the practical form of the players at the nets. And yet the club is not doing well. Starting off with sequence four home matches, only one victory, against two losses and draw, was recorded.

The opening game of the away schedule was played at Monk Bretton on Saturday. Now, the “Monks, with the three “strong Smiths,” departed, were not considered pull up trees this season, but the events Saturday lead one re-consider so hastily formed an opinion. To put it bluntly, Denaby were badly beaten by four wickets, neither their batting nor bowling coming up to reasonable expectations. Only four of batsmen reached double figures, and three the four got them by “the skin of their teeth.”

That clever “stumper,” Narroway, was the highest’ contributor with 36, a score that was not equalled by any the “Monks,” though Higgs ran it close. It was nice partnership between Ernest Riley and the solitary surviving Smith the team that brought Monk Bretton finally to victory, Arthur Robinson, who, apparently, cannot get going with bat, being the most successful the bowlers, Peat or Thompson, the new men, proving particularly difficult play