Montagu Estates – Colliery Company’s Purchases – Conisbro’ Farms Sold.

June 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 27 June 1930

Montagu Estates
Denaby Colliery Company’s Purchases.
Conisbro’ Farms Sold.
Poor Bidding.

Conisborough and Mexborough estates of Captain F. J. 0. Montagu were offered for sale by auction by Messrs. Shearman and’ Johnston, at the Danum Hotel, Doncaster, on Tuesday, but only a few lots were sold. Bidding was slow and the more important lots, which were offered as a whole in the first instance, were withdrawn without an offer being made.

A number of lots including the Denaby Main football ground were purchased prior to the sale by the Denaby Colliery Company. In offering the property, Major T. Shearman said it was to be regretted that such estates should come into the market, but, surrounded as they were by industries, it was thought that they could be put to more use in other hands. A great deal of development was taking place throughout the district, and much of the land offered would prove to be valuable in the future. The property could not be offered at a worse time, but there was no doubt that when the coal industry improved, and there were signs of that already, it would be valuable.

There was good deal of suitable building land for disposal.

Lot I.—The Conisboro’ estate, comprising three farms, grass and arable lands, building sites, one plantation, Ivo cottages, extending to acres and I rood, was withdrawn without a bid. Several small lots had been purchased prior to the sale.

Lot 2.— The Denaby Main estate consisting of building sites, freehold ground rents and reversions extending to 23 acres, 10 roods and S perches. The Denaby Colliery Company’s premises were sold to the Company. There was no offer for the rest of the estate and it was withdrawn

Lot 3.—The Mexboro’ estate including the Manor and Lordship of Mexboro’ and comprising four agricultural holdings, factory sites, town properties, cottages, common lands, etc., extending about 581 acres. 1 rood, 27 perches, was withdrawn without an offer and was not subsequently offered in lots.

Lot 4.—The Windmill Farm, Conisboro’ comprising 166 acres and 4 perches together with two cottages and land withdrawn without an offer, but the farm and cottages comprising 114 acres 2 roods 34 perches were sold to Mr. T. H. Oliver, of Swinton, for £22.000.

Lot 6.—A building site fronting Crookhill Road. Conisboro’. Comprising 2 acres, was withdraws at £375.

Lot 7.—Building land adjoining Minney Moor Housee, Conisboro’, comprising 2 acres, 2 roods. 2 perches, was withdrawn.

Lot 8.—A building plot, Burcroft Hill, Conisboro’, comprising 3 roods 16 perches, was withdrawn at £7O.

Lot 9.—Limestone Plantation, Conisboro’. Sold prior to sale.

Lot 10.—A freehold ground rent and reversion adjoining New Edlington Brickworks, comprising 5 acres I rood 33 perches, was sold to Mr. T. H. Oliver, of Swinton, for £6O.

Lot 11.—Accommodation grass land near Kearsley Lane Conisboro’ comprising 26 acres 3 roods 8 perches, sold to Mr. J. Hall, junior, Conisboro’, for £285.

Lot 12.—Accommodation gram land having a frontage to Denbrook Lane, Conisboro’ and extending to 9 acres 7 perches, sold to Mr. A. Jones, Conisboro’, for £100.

Lot 13.—Engine shed and plantation, Conisboro’ Road, Doncaster, withdrawn at £500.

Lot 14—Castle Farm, Conisboro’, comprising 87 acres 1 rood 15 perches, sold to Mr. J. W. Drabble, Conisboro’, for £2,000.

Lot 15.—Denaby Reservoir, North Cliff Hill, sold prior to sale.

Lot 16.–North Cliff Reservoir, extending to an area of 1 acre, was withdrawn at £625.

Lot 17.—Coal staith and railway sidings withdrawn prior to sale.

Lot 18.—Cottage site including the south side of the main road from Denaby Post Office to the Wesleyan Chapel, together with Melton Street, Rossington Street, part of Tickhill Street and the British Legion Club, was sold prior to sale.

Lot 19.—Denaby Main School. Sold prior to sale.

Lot 20.—Building site between Parish Church and war memorial, Denaby Main, withdrawn.

Lot 21.—An adjoining site near All Saints Church, Denaby, comprising 2 acre. 6 perches, was withdrawn at £125.

Lot 22.—Building site fronting continuation of Wadworth Street, Denaby, comprising 1 acre 2 roods 33 perches, was withdrawn at £104.

Lot 23.—Building plot fronting Church Road, Denaby, and extending to 1 acre 1 roods 15 perches. was withdrawn at £125

Lot 24.—Building frontage to Wadworth Street, Denaby, was withdrawn without an offer.

Lot 25.—Denaby football ground. Sold prior to sale

Lot 26.—Building land lying between the Denaby football ground and North Cliff Park, extending to 5 acres 17 perches, was withdrawn at £170.

Lot 27.—A similar site at foot of North Cliff Hill withdrawn without an offer.

Lot 28.—Building plot fronting Blythe Street, Denaby, including Denaby Main Mission Hall was taken out of the sale.

Lot 29.—Land comprising 3 acres 3 roods 32 perches, between Picture Hall and Denaby Main Hotel and street property was sold prior to sale.

Lot 30.—Freehold ground rent and reversion comprising Thornhill Street, George Street, William Street, John Street, Denaby, together with Lowfield House and the Primitive Methodist Chapel, was withdrawn at £475.

Lot 31.—Building site near Conisboro’ Station was withdrawn at 1s. 6d. a yard.

Lot 32.—Corner site adjoining general offices of Denaby and Cadeby Colliery offices was withdrawn at 1s. 6d. a yard.

Lot 33.—General Offices of the Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries Ltd. Sold prior to sale.

Lot 34.—Three pairs of semi-detached villas, Buckingham Road, Conisboro’, Sold prior to sale.

Lot 35.—Church Farm, Conisboro’, comprising 2 acres 1 rood 9 perches, was withdrawn at £945.

Lot 35.—Building land with frontages to North Cliff Road and Elmgreen Lane, Conisboro’, comprising 5 acres 2 roods 9 perches, was offered as a whole and withdrawn without a bid. Subsequently it was offered in lots and withdrawn at 1s. 6d. a yard.

Lot 37 to 48.—Twelve plots of building land situated in Elmgreen Lane, North Cliff Road, etc., were withdrawn. No offer.

Lot 49.—Accommodation grass and arable land on Conisboro’ Common, comprising acres 1 perch, was withdrawn at £370.

Lot 50.—Springdale Home, Conisboro, was withdrawn without offer.

Lot 51.—Land adjoining Springdale House was withdrawn without offer.

Lot 52.—Building site adjoining, comprising 1 acre 1 rood 20 perches, sold to Mr. J. Drabble, of Conisboro’, for £230.

Lot 53.—Building land on the north side of Burcroft Hill, Conisboro’, was withdrawn at £70.

Lot 54.—Pair of cottages, Well Gate, Conisboro, were withdrawn at £130.

Lot 53.—Montagu Cottage, Conisbor0’, was withdrawn without offer.