Montagu Hospital – The Week’s Casualty List – April 26th 1941

April 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 26, 1941

Montagu Hospital

The Week’s Casualty List

Patients Admitted:


Israel Crompton. Main Street, Goldthorpe, injury to head.


RonaId Davies. 50, Barnborough Lane, Goldthorpe, injury to arm.

Patients treated but not detained:


Frank Parkin, 7, Riley Road, Wath, injury to foot; John Tory, Injury to foot: Leila Brown, The Poplars, Hooton Road, Kilnhurst, Injury to nose: Charles Salmons, 771, Annerley Street, Denaby, injury to ankle: Ernest Preston, 6, Hartley Street, Mexborough, injury to hand.


Ida Boulton, 30, Hooton Road, injury to face; Mabel Bentham, 19, Highthorne, Kilnhurst, injury to hand: Gertrude Ward, 15, Princess Street, West Melton, injury to arm: George Cousins, 19, Wellington Street, Mexborough, injury to ankle; Harold Frost, 10, Walker Street, Swinton, lacerated left hand; George Staniforth, 45, Wheatley Road, Kilnhurst, injury to finger.


Doris Marshall, 27, Chapel Lane, Thurnscoe, injury to hand; Bernard Shaw, 12, Common Lane, Wath, injury to shoulder; William McKenzie, 32, Hollowgate Avenue, Wath, injury to wrist; Herbert Booth, 3, Portland Street, Swinton, injury to toe: Fred Jackson, 39, William Street, Mexborough, injury to leg: John Woodesen, 39, Straight Lane, Goldthorpe, injury to eye: Alfred Cookson, 6 7 , Toll Bar Road, Swinton, injury to arm.


Jeanette Copley, High Street, Wath, injury to shoulder: Sylvia Cawood, 4, Charles Street, Swinton, injury to foot ; William Knox, Deightonby Street, Thurnscoe, injury to toe: George Bottomley, 16, Roman Street, Thurnscoe, injury to thumb.


AdmiraI Bray, 8, Adwick Sidings, Wath, injury to wrist; Derek Dyson, 1, Hickleton Road, Barnburgh, injury to arm; Frank Wilkinson, 91, William Street, Swinton, injury to eye; Ernest Pattison, 12, Carfleid Lane, Bolton, injury to side: A, Bullock, 2, Chapel Lane, Barnburgh, injury to toe; Annie Cuckson, 67, Toll Bar Road, Swinton, injury to ankle.


BasiI Ward, 10, York Street, Thurnscoe, injury to arm: Thomas Childs, 31, Lancaster Street, Thurnscoe, injury to hand.