Montagu Hospital – The Week’s Casualty List May 24, 1941

May 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 24 May 1941

Montagu Hospital

The Week’s Casualty List

Treated but not detained:


EmiIy White. 8, Auckland Road, Mexborough, injury to thumb; James Taylor, 161, Doncaster Road. Goldthorpe injury foot; Horace Harpham, 21, Wath Road, Mexborough, injury to foot and leg; William Whitehead, 3, Benita Avenue. Mexborough, injury to arm; Annie Griffin, 7, Park View, Mexborough, injury to hand.


Albert Stinson. Hill Dene, Old Denaby, injury to eye; Arthur Hawksworth, 93, Barnsley Road, Wombwell, Injury to head: George Place, 5, Conway Terrace, Mexborough, injury to arm: Alfred Westwood. 5, Athrone Row, Mexborough, injury to chest,


George Cooper, 20, Salisbury Avenue, Thurnscoe, Injury to finger; Hubert Taylor, 76, Sandymount Road. Wath, injury to wrist; Samuel Harris, 102, Claypit Lane. Rawmarsh, injury to back; Beatrice Jackson, 2, Edward Street, Swinton, injury to ankle.


AIfred Andrews, 33, Morton Road, Mexborough, injury to ankle; William Taylor, 27, Chambers Avenue, Conanby, Injury to hand; Emily Stones, 13, Frederick Street. Goldthorpe, injury to wrist: A. V. Temple, 5. High Thorne, Kilnhurst, injury to finger.


Arthur Dawson, Adwick-on-Dearne, injury to chest; Eileen Osborne. 6, Ruskin Avenue. Mexborough, injury to arm; Robert Beaumont. 33, Warrenvale Road, Swinton, injury to finger: Geoffrey Brett. St. James Hall, Wath, injury to finger; Harry Swift. 24, Brunswick Street, Thurnscoe, injury to arm; George Dunstan , 7, Lorna Road, Mexborough, injury to toe.


Charlotte West, 9, Manor Road, West Melton, injury to arm: Stuart Fanshawe, Westholme, Bolton Road, Wath, injury to wrist; George Joyles, 127, Arnold Crescent, Mexborough, injury to eye; Ernest Lund. 12. Benita Avenue Mexborough, injury to head.


Herbert Ward, Lodging House, Mexborough, injury to elbow; John Coulson, 18, Leadley Street. Goldthorpe, injury to chest; Willie Jackson, 22, Hanover Street, Thurnscoe, injury to foot; Eric Evans, 5, Stenton’s Terrace, Mexborough, injury to finger; Ena Ashfield, 13, Chapel Street, Bolton, injury to foot; Ernest Badley, 22, Carlyle Street, Mexborough, injury to eye.