Montagu Hospital – The Week’s Casualty List – April 12th 1941

April 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 12 April 1941

Montagu Hospital

The Week’s Casualty List

Admitted :


Alfred Collins, 26, Oxford Street, Mexborough, injury to face.

Treated but not detained:


Percy Hirst, 39, Washington SD Road, Goldthorpe, injury to forehead: Stanley Hambleton, 18, Catherine Street, Mexborough, injury to finger; George Osbourn, Church Street, Bolton, injury to finger; Thomas Lawson, 34, Albert Road, Goldthorpe, injury to ankle.


Frank O’Malley, 6, Cowper Rood, Mexborough, Injury to finger; Florence Rates, 142, Wath Road, Mexborough, injury to finger.


Edward Marsh, 17, Saxon Street, Thurnscoe, Injury to arm.


George Foster, 6, Beaconsfield Street, Mexborough, injury to wrist; Samuel Whiteley, 21, Raikes Street, Mexborough, injury to foot,


George Hallat, 32, The Green, Bolton, Injury to finger: Anthony Gillespie, 37, Victoria Street, Kilnhurst, injury to hand; Albert Dugger, 37, Kings Street Thurnsoe, injury to elbow; S, Hadlington, 6, Probert,Avenue, Goldthorpe, injury to foot: Desmond Eades, 53, Probert Avenue, Goldthorpe, Injury to finger.


CharIes Waddington, 22, Victoria Street, Mexborough, injury to foot; Henry Quail, 26, Albert Street, Swinton, injury to finger: Horace Grainger, 6, Garden Street, West Melton, injury to foot; Violet Tupling, 171, Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe, injury to knee.


ArnoId Dawson, 47, Brookfield Avenue, Swinton, injury to ankle: Harry Mason, 7, Spencer Street, Mexborough, injury to toe.