More Church Yard Vandalism

April 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 5 1935

More Church Yard Vandalism

The vicar, writing in the parish magazine, calls attention to further vandalism in the churchyard:

“Whilst some give, others destroy.” Not so long since someone unkindly removed a part of the sundial. Now someone has removed the other part which was engraved with the names of the churchwardens of 18th-century and the date. It was riveted on and cemented to the old stone pillar.

The plate has been wrenched off, the rivets broken and the cement and stone broken. If the same people want the stone they might want some help and we will gladly provide some which the law allows.

It ought to be known that the sacrilege of this kind is a penal offence and we shall welcome any information that may lead to the discovery of these churchyard thieves.

We who love all things are greatly distressed by wanton destruction and robbery.