More Damage at Conisbro’

August 1960

South Yorkshire Times August 13, 1960

More Damage at Conisbro’

Wood-Work on seven public seats at Conisbrough Craggs was “smashed to splinters” this week — the latest incident in a wave of vandalism to sweep the area.

Yesterday Coun. W. Mannion, chairman of Conisbrough Urban Council parks and recreation grounds committee, warned: “The severest action will be taken against i anyone who is caught.”

He told the “South Yorkshire Times”: “The damage being done in the district is deplorable. It is public money that is being wasted, and it is up to the public to do everything they can to stop it. “The seats, often used by old people, are useless at present. When they are repaired I hope that the public will see that they are not damaged again.”

Mr. Mannion added: “I appeal to anyone who sees damage being done to report the culprits, either to the Council or to the police.”