More Drunk & Disorderly

May 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 20 May 1911

Denaby Constables Well wisher

On Sunday night week Thomas Hale, a Denaby miner was drunk and disorderly in the streets of Denaby.

PC Suker ordered him home, “Hello old pal,” said Hale to the officer, “let me off this time and I hope you and the wife will be very happy always.”

When asked for his name he replied “I’m canned, I can’t talk, ask the landlady. He was fined a crown and costs.

The following drunkards were also fined 5/– and costs each:

George Powell, miner, New Conisborough

John Clarke, miner, Bolton

Thomas Andrews, miner, Bolton

Edward Riley, miner, new Conisborough

James Blower, filler, Denaby 7/6

and John Walsh labourer Clifton, 10/- and costs.

Walsh had been fined on 17 occasions previously. And PC Lundy asking for his name he replied, “I’m in no humour for any kid this time. They know me well at police Court. I’m a good customer.”