More Stack Fires at Conisborough – Supposed Incendiarism

December 1888

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 18 December 1888

More Stack Fires at Conisborough.
Supposed Incendiarism

Last night, between 10 and 11 o’clock, some persons passing the premises of Mr. Wm. Bradbury, of the Ferry Farm, Conisborough noticed a blaze in his stackyard, which is near the road.

On going nearer it was found that two stacks, one consisting of wheat and the other oats, were on fire.

Alarm was given and the ringing of the church bells soon brought numbers to the place. The Conisborough Fire Engine under Mr. Geo. Harrison, was soon on the spot and its efforts were directed towards the saving of several other stacks close by.

This was effected, and confined to the two stacks already mentioned, which were totally destroyed.

The stacks are insured to their full value in the Queen Fire Office.

This is the sixth stack fire in Conisborough during the last two years; the last one being at Grange Farm on the November. It is generally thought that all have been the work of an incendiary, and last night’s fire strongly bears out that opinion.

Sergeant Simpson had passed only a few minutes before the occurrence, and when seen first seen both stacks were found lit.