Mother and Son Punished

December 1910

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 19 December 1910

Mother and Son Punished

For having stolen a carriage lamp, value 6s., at Whinney Hill, David Baxter (11), was today, at Rotherham, bound over under the first offenders act.

The lamp, which belonged to James Cooper of Conisborough was attached to dray driven by George Ibbotson a Teamster. On December 3 At Whinney Hill, the shaft broke and Ibbotson went for help, leaving the dray in the charge of a boy. While he was absent the lamp was taken.

To a charge of receiving the lamp knowing it to have been stolen defendant’s mother, Mary Baxter, pleaded not guilty.

It transpired she had offered the lamp for sale, saying she wanted money to buy food. The lamp she explained, had been found on the Wickersley road.

Superintendent Haynes said the mother was training the boy up to be a thief.

A fine of 10 shillings and costs was imposed on her.