Motor-Car Overturned and Two Injured Near Retford.

March 1921

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 15 March 1921

Motor-Car Overturned and Two Injured Near Retford.

On Saturday night, Mr. Morton Nicholson, motor engineer, Conisborough, who was accompanied by Mr. Thomas Storey, of Doncaster was driving a two-seater car in the direction of Gainsborough, when near Drakeholes he mistook the way, and in his endeavour to get back to the right road the car struck the bridge at the end of the tunnel of the Chesterfield canal.

The car was overturned, Mr. Nicholson was thrown out, and Mr. Storey was pinned beneath. The former ran to the White Swan and the landlord and several others helped to lift the car.

Mr. Storey was severely cut about the head, and after his wounds had been dressed by the landlord of the White Swan, he was removed to Doncaster Infirmary in a passing car.

Mr. Nicholson was able to proceed to Conisborough after receiving attention at the infirmary. The car was badly damaged.