Mr John Kilner Bateson – Glassworks Manager

February 1913

Death of Mr John Kilner Bateson of Conisbrough

43 years service as manager

An enthusiastic musician

We regret to announce the death of Mr John Kilner Bateson, manager of the Glassworks is at Conisbrough, owned by Messrs Kilner brothers. Deceased had been in rather enfeebled health of late, but his death nethertheless came as a surprise to relatives and friends. It was due chiefly to cardiac weakness. His age was 69 years. He leaves three sons and a daughter, all of whom are married, and one resides at Bingley. The wife of deceased died about 13 years ago.

Deceased was a native of Castleford, and he came to Conisbrough 43 years ago. He and Mr. Caleb Kilner were schoolmates together, and, in earlier years, they worked together. There’s always been a strong attachment between them and Mr Kilner feels the loss of the deceased very keenly. During his 43 years residence in Conisbrough, Mr Bateson was a manager of the Glassworks, and he has been closely associated with Mr Caleb Kilner in making all the striking developments which have taken place at these world famous glass works.

He had no liking for politics; he kept aloof from public life. His chief interest in life was centred around the works of which he felt so proud. His aim and objects were to improve them and encourage the trade which was in this way brought to Conisbrough. He was also a considerate manager, and was invariably on very good terms with the workmen, by whom he was held in high esteem. The deceased possessed a very bright and genial disposition and was highly respected, not only at the works but by the public generally.

Apart from his interest in the glass bottle manufactory he had one special attraction, and that was music. For a quarter of a century he had been organist and choirmaster at the Conisbrough Wesleyan Chapel, where he was very popular. Although he lived near the works and had a mile to walk to the sanctuary, he only once missed his appointment at a service, and that was when important work at the manufactory needed his attention; he was never once late.

For the past 13 years he has held similar positions at the Denaby Wesleyan Chapel, which was near his home. The same excellent characteristics were recognised.

The deceased was passionately fond of the Hallelujah chorus. Under medical treatment shortly before his death he sang snatches of Handel’s masterpiece.

It has been arranged at the funeral shall take place at Conisbrough Cemetery on Saturday, and will be preceded by a service at the Conisbrough Wesleyan Church at 1:30 PM. There is sure to be a large and representative gathering.

Mexborough Times – February 15th 1913