Mr. Pickard, M.P., and The Grievances At Denaby Main.

June 1890

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Thursday 19 June 1890

Mr. Pickard, M.P., and The Grievances At Denaby Main.

Yesterday Mr. B. Pickard, M.P., secretary to the South Yorkshire Miners’ Association, visited Mexborough and had an interview with Mr. Buckingham Pope, the managing director of the Denaby Main Colliery, with respect to the demand of the Denaby Main miners for a revision of their price list.

It will be remembered that a week or ago Mr. Pickard, accompanied a deputation, waited on the manager, Mr. W. H. Chambers, when, i among other things, charge from 80 per cent large -and 20 per cent, small to 90 per cent, large and 10 per cent, small was demanded.

Mr. Chambers pointed out that if this were granted it would mean an enormous increase in the cost of production, but he had power to deal with the matter. He promised, however, to lay the proposal before the next meeting directors.

The meeting yesterday is understood to the outcome of this, and the result of the interview was that basis which, it is hoped, will be satisfactory to both parties was drawn up, and shortly submitted to the general body of the men.