Mr. Walton’s Critics.

December 1919

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 03 December 1919

Mr. Walton’s Critics.

Mr. James Walton, M.P. for the Don Valley, addressed an enthusiastic gathering at Conisborough, and replied to the recent challenge made by the Denaby and Cadeby miners.

Mr. Walton said he noticed that a Mr. Tom Hill had challenged him to come into the district and tell the miners that nationalisation was no good for them. “I don’t want Mr. Hill to tell me anything about nationalisation,” said Mr Walton, for have been living and working with miners for 38 years. I don’t think Mr. Hill can teach me, but I want to assure him through the Press that he has seen nothing in speeches or in any remark of mine, stating that I am opposed to nationalisation.

“I have said that nationalisation of the mines, or the mining industry of this country, such a huge proposition that before I would be a party to it I must assure myself that it was going to work to the men engaged in the industry, to the community served it, and to the State. If after a given trial oyer given coalfield it works satisfactorily I don’t think I should have many qualms in supporting it.

“But what the miner knows about nationalisation is very little, and he cares less so long he gets a square deal and good conditions. I am not going to shift from that attitude, for I am convinced that there is but a small element of miners in Yorkshire who want to trouble about nationalisation.”