Music Hall Artistes in Conflict at Denaby

March 1897

Sheffield Independent March 16 1897

Music Hall Artistes in Conflict at Denaby

Two music hall artistes were married at Twenty Church Derby, about six years, but they do not appear to have had a very happy life since, judging from the stories told on Monday at the Rotherham West Riding Police Court before Messrs GW Chambers and Andrew Roberts, the presiding magistrates.

John William Compton was charged with violently assaulting Esther Anne Compton, his wife, at Denaby on March 6.

Complaint stated that she and her husband told is also some had worked on and off at Denaby for two years, at the Reresby Arms, but at the time of the assault they were engaged at Mexborough.

On the way home from Mexborough on March 6 about midnight, her husband called her foul names and struck on the eye with his umbrella. When they reached their lodgings at Denaby he took her in his arms, forced her against the wall, and bruised her arms. He shook a violent blow on the eye following her to the ground. He banged her head against the wall and the floor, and she believed he would have taken a life had not the landlady come to her rescue. He also tried to strangle her.

She asked for a separation order, saying she had had to keep herself since the marriage. They had no family.

Mary Ann Beddow said she was awakened by screams and descending the stairs found the complaint on the floor. Complaint fainted away and her face was swollen the next day, eyes closed, and bruises were visible on her arms.

In reply to defendant witness said she had heard the complainant swear at times, but it was only when she was provoked.

The event said his wife had a very violent temper and on one occasion stabbed him with a table knife. On Saturday night his wife began to use some beautiful language – a regular five minute mouthful. They thereafter went for each other.

He earned 15 shillings per week and his wife from 30 to 35 shillings per week

the Bench granted a separation order and find the defendant 40 shillings and costs for the assault .