N. C. B. Boxing – Ken Booth Progresses Despite Injury

April 1956

South Yorkshire Times April 14, 1956

N. C. B. Boxing

Ken Booth (Denaby) knocked out his Scottish heavyweight opponent, John Toner, in less than a minute in the N. C. B. Northern boxing finals in Leeds on Saturday. He reached the national finals two years ago.

Ray Calladine (Hickleton), outpointed H. Hutchinson (Scotland) and Don Moreby of Darfield also won, his contest with W. Morland (Dublin) being stopped in the first round after Morland had been down for a count of eight.

Writing of Ken booth success Mr. E. Oxer says: “He sustained an injury to his right arm at work on the Wednesday before the contest, but excellent work by the Denaby Colliery Medical Centre enabled him to appear and win through to the national finals, and this was a very creditable performance.”

Ken, it seemed, had hung up his gloves last year, but the love of the game was too strong and he entered again this year to uphold the splendid record of Denaby boys who have entered this competition. He has definitely given a lead to other boys who are interested.

I am sure that all workmen and officials at Denaby will wish him the best of luck at Leicester on May 5.