N.C.B. Scheme to Cope with Redundancy at Cadeby Main

August 1958

South Yorkshire Times August 9, 1958

Surface Workers To Train For Underground Jobs
N.C.B. Scheme to Cope with Redundancy at Cadeby Main
Work May Be Found For 30 Out of 42 Dismissed

A new scheme is to be organised by the National Coal Board whereby about 30 colliery surface workers from Cadeby Colliery, who have been made redundant because of the centralisation scheme for Denaby and Cadeby Collieries, are to be trained for underground work at Cadeby Colliery if they so wish. Men who have worked on the surface of the colliery for years will, under this scheme, be trained for underground work.

Vacancies Underground

Forty-two surface workers became redundant at the , week-end, having served two weeks’ notice. Of this number twelve are over the retiring age and cannot be accommodated underground through the training scheme.

The redundancy has not affected underground workers at the colliery and there are, in , fact, about 30 vacancies which are expected to be filled by the 30 workers under the age of 65 years.

Coun. J. Prendergast, N.U.M. branch secretary at the colliery, told a ” South Yorkshire Times reporter this week that several of the redundant men had already shown an interest in the training scheme which had been organised by No. 3 area headquarters to be held at Cadeby colliery. He said he expected most of the men to be settled underground.

The redundancy has been caused among surface workers through the link-up of the Parkgate seam at Denaby with Cadeby colliery in the £4.14 million centralisation scheme. which, when completed, will enable all the coal mined at Denaby together with that at Cadeby to be brought to the surface at Cadeby by a new electrical skip winding installation and treated at a new washery plant which is now undergoing trials at Cadeby.

Because some Denaby coal is now being brought up at Cadeby some surface workers from Denaby have been transferred to Cadeby. Because of this and because fewer men will be needed now the centralisation scheme is beginning to’ come into effect, there was an excess number of surface workers at Cadeby.

Mr. Prendergast said it was forecast that another 40 men would probably become redundant during the next 18 months, but it was hoped to find these men work in odd places throughout the colliery.