‘Naaman’s Little Maid’ – Salvation Army Play

January 1937

Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 22 1937

‘Naaman’s Little Maid’

The members of the Salvation Army had a treat on Monday, when they witnessed the presentation of a Scriptural play, ‘Naaman’s Little Maid.’

Mr. J. H. Dunk, secretary of the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries, Ltd., was unable to preside, but Mr. T. C. Campbell, of Conisborough, deputised for him and he was supported by Mr. T. Morgan, J.P.

The play had been produced by Major Birch, the officer in charge of the corps, who is to be commended. As the chairman remarked at the close, such a production must have meant months of hard work for the producer and the artists.

It was a splendid performance which reflected great credit upon each one and particularly on Major Birch. The play was in four scenes, ‘Naaman’s Home,’ ‘The King at Home,’ and ‘The return of Naaman cleansed, to his home.’ The dresses were very beautiful and the grouping good. The parts were portrayed with dignity, and though rather cramped for stage room the actors overcame their difficulties well.

The following took the principal parts; Mr. W. Petty, Miss Marion Ruston, Mrs. Riby, Mr. R. Postlethwaite, Mr. C. Faulkner, Mr. S. Neate, Mrs. F. Travis, Mrs. H. Coles, Miss N. Worsley, Mrs. Neate and Miss L. Croft. The band, under Bandmaster Riby, played selections between the acts. Mr. W. L. Worseley proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Campbell and Mr. Morgan.

It is the first time the members of the corps have given a performance with such an elaborate setting and in the near future they hope to give another production. Proceeds were for the corps funds.