Name for New School – Conisborough Committee Choose “Ivanhoe”

May 1938

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 20, 1938

Name for New School

Conisborough Committee Choose “Ivanhoe”

the Ivanhoe infant School, Conisborough is a name that will be given to the new infant School which is shortly to be built in the town, the name decision been arrived at at yesterday’s meeting of the Conisborough education subcommittee, Mr H Gomersall presiding.

The clerk (Mr EB Stockdale) read a letter from the County council stating that the Board of Education had now a given their formal approval to the scheme and were negotiating for the purchase, of the site.

In the meantime the Board were asking that a distinctive name should be given to the new school and asked the District Sub-committee for suggestions.

Mr. D. Sheldon said that “Ivanhoe” was a name that stood out above all others in the Conisborough and Denaby areas and his suggestion that this name should be given to the school was unanimously adopted.

The Rev. H. T. thought that “Ivanhoe” was an idealistic and noble name to which the children could look up.

Fifteen applications were received for the post of headmistress of the Balby Street Infants’ School and the committee decided to nominate Miss I. Auton (Kilnhurst) and Miss M. A. Drury (Doncaster) for interview by the County Education Committee. The Rev. H. T. Eddershaw and Mrs. Urch were elected to represent the local committee at the interview. 35 teachers applied for the vacant post of certified assistant master at the Station Road Junior School and Messrs Whitehead (Northumberland), C.A.Pegg (Doncaster) and E.H.Ford (Denaby) were selected for interview.

Applications received from Miss E Williams, headmaster of the Denaby Main Infant School, for 30 beds for the use of children under five for their afternoon rest. Mr Gomersall added that they were facilities at the Denaby Main School for two nursery classes. In his opinion no district needed a proper nursery school more than Denaby.