Narrow Escape from Drowning At Conisbro’

December 1888

Sheffield Independent – Saturday 29 December 1888

Narrow Escape from Drowning At Conisbro’

Yesterday, a serious accident happened on the river at Conisbro’, and two persons had a narrow escape from losing their lives.

A servant girl and a young man had left the Ferry Farm, occupied by Mr. Bradbury, and were being ferried across the water, when the boat was swept away by the flood, the water at that point having been much swollen by the recent heavy rainfall. Fortunately the couple had sufficient presence of mind to grasp the rope which is suspended over the stream, or they must inevitably have been drowned.

The girl screamed loudly for help. One of Mr. Bradbury’s sons and Police-constable Gleadall heard the cries, and proceeded to the spot. The officer promptly divested himself of his coat and helmet and sprang upon the rope, advancing by means of both arms and legs. This was rather slow work, but at last he reached the young woman, her companion having previously got to land in safety. She could not have held on much longer, and the aid was most timely.

Both escaped, and the boat was recovered.

Yesterday, the river Don was greatly swollen owing to the heavy rains and, the neighbourhood of Mexbro’ and Conisbro’, overflowed its banks. There was considerable quantity of water also in the Dearno valley last night.

Conisbro’ Castle ruins were yesterday visited by many persons, who had fine view from the summit of the keep.