National Agreement Causes Pit Strike

November 1966

South Yorkshire Times, November 19, 1966

National Agreement Causes Pit Strike.

Miners at Cadeby Main colliery, who want a fair deal for market men – a pool of underground workers who are drawn upon when men are through injury or illness – in a new unit at the pit came out on strike on Tuesday.

At a mass meeting in the evening it was decided unanimously to continue the strike. By Wednesday morning, union officials reported that all but the day wage men had joined the strike.

New Agreements

The introduction of the national power loading agreement means that in the H3 unit, face workers, rippers, machine men and stable hole men have preference of jobs over market men when their own work is not available.

Under the divisional power, loading agreement the position was that market men had preference over anyone with regular jobs when jobs, became spare. A union branch official told the South Yorkshire times on Wednesday: “We have always had a rota system to share work out and preference has been given to market men. In the past market men have been able to work as many as four contract shifts a week – now it is a question if they will work any.


“We want to see past customs and practices introduced on this face,” he said. “It is a principle of working sharing – a market man is entitled to his fair share of contract work.

Union officials said they had received an assurance from Mr Jack Lee, vice president of the Yorkshire area, their problem would be raised at national level. They were also hoping to seek the views of other union branches.

They have already had talks with the group manager and with number 3 Area officials.

After a further mass meeting at Denaby Main miners welfare last night (Thursday), a committee spokesman said “the position is still deadlocked, and the men will not be going back this week.” There will be another meeting on Sunday morning to review the situation.

It was stated last night that over 6,000 tons of coal have been lost so far by the stoppage.