Neglect of Family.

February 1899

Sheffield Independent – Monday 20 February 1899

Neglect of Family.

A Conisbro’ miner, named John Hy. Jones, was summoned on Saturday at Doncaster for neglecting three children.

Evidence was given by the local inspector of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children; by P.-c. Evans, and a neighbour.

It appeared that the defendant was living apart from his wife. The house was inadequately furnished upstairs and down, especially the sleeping room, where the children were not provided with proper clothing for warmth.

The children were said to be ill-fed and not properly clothed and cleaned. The condition of things was attributed to the absence of the wife; through domestic disagreement.

The case was adjourned m order to give the defendant an opportunity to attend to the children in a proper manner, in the hope that this warning would be sufficient.