Neglectful Denaby Main Parents

October 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 01 October 1910

Neglectful Denaby Main Parents

William H Harris of Cliff View, Denaby Main, was summoned by the Conisbrough Education Subcommittee for his child, Sarah’s absence from school.

The divisional Clerk (Mr W R Hudson) stated that the County medical Officer ordered her exclusion from school on May 27 floors, as he was suffering from a sore head (impetigo), which, by the adoption of remedial measures could be cured in short time.

At a subsequent visit on July 8, he desired again to examine the child, but the father declined to send her to school for this purpose. Three years later she presented herself at school, when owing to neglect, the head had become verminous, and the Head Teacher declined to admit her in the interests of her fellow scholars.

The man was invited to meet the Attendance Committee in July, but ignored the request. The Clerk explained that with proper attention she might have been for a school in a week or so, when she had been absent since May, and in such cases it had been held that where parents neglect to adopt such remedies and would result in a cure being affected, they were ipso facto depriving the child of the education which was its due

The Bench remarked that it was a bad case, and the penalty of 5/-was imposed.