Neglecting a Wife – Cowardly Assault

September 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 2, 1898

Neglecting a Wife
Cowardly Assault

David Lowe, dataller, of Conisborough, was summoned for persistent cruelty towards his wife Sarah Elizabeth Lowe, on and about the 20th inst.

The complainant gave evidence in support of the charge, by saying defendant ill treated her, by striking her and knocking about in an unmerciful manner. She alleged that he had frequently assaulted her lately, and generally treated her badly; in fact defendants persistent cruelty was unbearable. He was fit to break her in pieces.

Defendant earned five shillings per day and he only gave her six shillings last week; therefore she desired to have a separation order made. There was one child, and she had no witnesses to call in support of her statements

Defendant, in reply to the charge, said he only worked 3 ½ days last week as he was badly. He alleged that he gave his wife seven shillings and he could do no more. This game was fairly playing “hangmen” with him. It was only the other day when his wife threw the sugar basin at his head, but missed him. She also called him foul names which he did not like. He would like to have the affair settled amicably.

In reply to the chairman, complainant said until the brawl began they had generally lived peaceably, but lately her husband’s conduct had been off.

The Bench granted a separation order with costs and defendant was directed to pay 15 shillings per week towards his wife’s maintenance.