Neglecting Parents at Conisborough

January 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 22, 1886

Neglecting Parents at Conisborough

James S Blacklock, labourer of Conisbrough, or summer for neglected to send his son John regularly to school.

George Harrison, school attendance officer for the Conisbrough School board, said that the defendant son John was 12 years of age, and met six out of a possible 73 attendances. He had passed standard four the bylaws said he should have passed the fifth standard.

Defendant’s wife appear, said that at the last examination a child received a certificate, and she understood he was free from school. Mr Harrison would not have brought her that day only he had a bit of spite against her.

Lord Auckland: That you must settle with him outside.

Mr Harrison said he had served notice on the defendant, and no notice was taken in the matter. He was instructed by the Board to take those proceeding.

A fine of 6d and 4s 6d costs was inflicted

Charles Street, labourer, Conisbrough, was summoned for a similar offence. Defendant did not appear.

Miss Harrison said the defendant son George was 12 years of age, and had passed standard two. He had made 35 out of a possible 73 attendances stop

Fined 6d and 4s 6d costs.

George Curtis, labourer, Conisbrough, or summer for a similar offence.

Miss Alison said the defendant’s daughter Betsy, aged 7, was in Standard one. She had made 16 out of a possible 75 attendances.

Fined 6d and 4s 6d costs.